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Sally with one of her clients David White

Sally hard at work on a client's property

Sally with client; David White

A personal note from Evolution Real Estate managing director Sally Poyser 

It all started by becoming a property investor myself. In 2007 I bought a Dubbo home in need of repair and refurbishment and took on the job with my partner who shared my dreams of making it a great investment with great tenants and great rental returns.

After the hard yakka was done (doing most of it ourselves), we were excited to share our nice shiny home with the rental market through a local real estate agent. 

Our excitement was not shared. Instead we were met with a lot of forms and some heavy sighs that made it seem like a lot of trouble to list a rental investment property when they would just rather sell it. I asked myself how was this possible. I would provide them income. I would provide myself income. I would keep the economy rolling!

Fast forward: The property was rented. I had tenants from hell. The 3-D Experience: Damage, Debt, Drama. It wasn’t nice. And yet most of the issues had to be resolved by me! As property owner, the agents kept deferring to my ‘instructions’ when all I really needed was someone to guide me and handle the tough stuff. I was dismayed.

As they say, ‘what doesn't kill us makes us stronger’ and so we weathered the work and losses of that experience. But somehow a seed was planted to make my experience better not just for me and my family, but for anyone who has the same goals and dreams: to see their investment evolve into the best it can be.

Some time later with my second property I thought carefully about who I would choose to manage it and who would be best suited to lease it. I knew I needed to connect with the people I was putting in my property. I wanted to know them. I wanted to understand their needs. I wanted to trust them and for them to trust me. The more I thought about it, the more I came up with the conclusion that I would have to study well into the evenings to obtain my own real-estate license, so I did.  

Throughout the next two years I went through training, studies and certifications to obtain my real-estate license.  Finding my passion for property management and the desire to assist and guide others has all been well worth the time and effort. It has turned my dedication to my own personal investment properties into a business that gives back to people as well as myself. 

The ups-and-downs of my early experiences helped define what kind of property manager I would be for those who know to count on me. I consider myself lucky to have had such a first-hand education in what to do (and what not to do) in real estate.


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