Our main mission is to look after your property


We are different. Our clients see the difference. Working with an independent agency like Evolution Real Estate does not feel like work at all. We are all part of the same team. Your team. Your investment. Your rental return.

When you entrust us to manage your rental home, you can count on our personal commitment. This commitment reflects our promise to:

  • Work with you: As an independent property manager with no ties to franchises or corporate owners, we work directly with you. No red tape. No hidden agendas.  
  • Communicate: From our first meeting we talk to you with clear, efficient and friendly advice.
  • Investigate: We want what is best for your property, which means getting the best tenants and offering the best possible presentation of your home. We go above and beyond when screening potential tenants.
  • Maximise your returns (ROI): A little effort goes a long way to improve property appeal. We will give you friendly advice and options to maximise your rental returns as well as your long term capital growth.
  • Charge transparently for our services: Our management fee model is unique. It makes sense and with real-time services delivered, there are no surprises, just benefits.
  • Respect everyone: We are considerate, passionate and ethical as true professionals in property management. We wear a lot of hats but always wear a smile.
  • Deliver on promises: Our integrity is built on responsibility. We will do what we say we will do. Anything less is not an option. Call us ‘passionate.’ Everyone else does!

 Short or long-term leases

We manage homes as outright investment properties (long-term) or for people who have taken remote work assignments and choose to tenant their home while away (short-term, usually as one or two years but in some cases as little as six months). Our property management fee structure is unique (and also tax-deductible) to help keep more money in your pocket, so we encourage you to find out more and contact us.

We listen to you about what kind of lease terms you would like on your property. It is entirely your choice to talk about preferences such as household pet rules, lease lengths and lifestyle indicators. We go above and beyond to best match people to homes and property investors to secure rental income.

Our main mission is not our only mission                                                                                                                                    Looking after your property is indeed a priority, yet we do so much more.  Not only do we care about the properties we manage and the people we put in them, we are well-tied to the community and always look for ways to 'do the most good for the most people.'  This means we build circles with pride and respect including a network of trades services, community resources, business specialists and many more people who help give us a well-rounded approach to doing the best job we can for property management. 

Talk to us for a no obligation discussion 

Call or meet with us to see how we can be your best partner in the management of your rental investment property. Our mobile service means we can come to see you 7 days, at a time to suit.

Contact us to find out how we can help make the most of your property investment: 0400 594 420