Landlord FAQs

We hear a lot of the same questions every day. Here are a few of them and some straightforward answers.

  • Who looks after property maintenance/care?
We do! Part of our personal service is to make sure your rental property is the best it can be and stays that way. We do most of the regular care and inspections ourselves, while our team of trade and service experts are always available for special tasks or repairs.
  • How do you screen rental tenants?
We go beyond the standard 100-point checklist and tenancy history of each rental applicant. Our skills at personal interviews and in-depth assessment are our strong point which we will be happy to discuss with you in detail.
  • Can you help improve my property?
Certainly! Our personal experience at property improvement is realistic and responsible. After all, we want to see you get investment returns from your rental and can help identify what will add value in the long term as well as what will add comfort and appeal to an ideal home rental candidate. We will give you advice, options, budgets whenever possible, and the right people to carry out the work. We help you determine your level of involvement and have the choice of being hands-on in any property improvements or can leave it up to us to manage.
  • What kind of management do you provide?
We listen to your preferences first to understand how hands-on you want us to be for property care and ongoing maintenance, but for rental or tenant management we go the distance including
  • listing and promoting your property for lease
  • take applications for rental and show the property
  • screen and interview potential rental candidates
  • match the best rental prospects and share our recommendations with you
  • assist with move-ins to ensure a smooth new rental experience
  • collect and disburse rental income
  • keep in touch with tenants to be sure property is in good order
  • respond to any requests or emergencies 24/7
  • keep you advised of any repairs or requirements
  • manage notices for inspections or vacancies
  • help you keep track of expenses or obligations
  • How often can I inspect my rental investment property?
The standard inspection term is quarterly and you are most welcome to attend with us. Not able to attend an inspection? Not a problem. A full inspection report included with photos will be forwarded to you regardless of your geographical location. In the meantime, as locals we keep an 'unofficial eye' on your property to be sure all things look fine and orderly.

Choosing a Property Manager

Don’t let anyone tell you differently: It’s not about sitting back and collecting income. It’s about how you nurture your property investment to provide that income. It means being aware and taking care.

In property management, level of care makes a difference. Evolution Real Estate takes pride in providing constant care for your rental property from tenant screening through taking care of everyday requests and requirements. We feel invested in our clients, our business, our neighbourhoods and our community and want the best for them all. 

Do you have notions about what works in the rental property market? Let’s look at debunking some myths.

MYTH 1. An open house inspection is best to pull in and secure a tenant.

TRUTH: People looking for rental homes are not about ‘what’s hot in the market’ but what will meet their needs. They want a comfortable home, well priced, low maintenance, prime presentation and one that will see them through their circumstances. We know this. We understand this. We are not out to sell them a home, just out to put them in one. Thus we have more credibility with the rental market as we do NOT sell homes. We rent homes.

MYTH 2. Big names pull more prospects.

TRUTH: Good homes pull good prospects. It’s a one-on-one deal. All it takes is one person, one family to find a perfect rental home. Your rental home. We advertise in the same streams as franchised real estate agents based on your budget allocations. You call the shots but we focus on how to pull the best prospects. 

MYTH 3. Regional renters or short-term tenants are a risk.
TRUTH: Recent employment data shows that short-term or interim renters are mainstream for a number or industries including mining, farming, consulting and infrastructure services. They are here because work needs them here. In our experience, there is no better credibility for a good rental prospect than work relocation requirements.

MYTH 4: Rental home improvements or repairs are a pain.
TRUTH: Surprisingly, when you enlist a good property manager home care can be simpler than if you looked after it yourself. With a property agent like Evolution, you can depend on us for advice from the get-go as well as inspections along the way and repairs for anything that needs a fix or attention. 

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